Explain How the Theory of Comparative Advantage Relates to the Need for International Business?


Explain the relationship between the idea of comparative advantage and the requirement for international trade. ANSWER: According to comparative advantage theory, nations should specialize in manufacturing and depend on other countries for certain items. As a result, there is a need for international trade.

Similarly, How the theory of comparative advantage relate to the need international business?

When a country produces a commodity at a comparatively low opportunity cost in terms of other commodities that may be produced, it is said to have a comparative advantage over another country. The relative expenses of creating two things will determine the opportunity cost.

Also, it is asked, Why is comparative advantage so important to international business?

The rule of comparative advantage is often used in international commerce to explain globalization, since nations may achieve superior material results by manufacturing only items in which they have a comparative advantage and selling them with other countries.

Secondly, What form of Business is explained by the theory of comparative advantage?

In 1817, David Ricardo proposed the classical theory of comparative advantage to explain why nations trade even though one country’s employees are more efficient at producing every product than those in other countries.

Also, What is comparative advantage and why is it important in international trade quizlet?

When a nation has a lower opportunity cost to manufacture a product than another, it is said to have comparative advantage. Under what circumstances can comparative advantage contribute to trade gains? When nations concentrate and produce primarily what they do well, comparative advantage leads to trade profits.

People also ask, What does the theory of comparative advantage help to explain?

In the notion of comparative advantage, opportunity cost is introduced as a component to consider when deciding between several production possibilities. According to comparative advantage, nations will participate in commerce with one another, exporting commodities in which they have a comparative advantage.

Related Questions and Answers

How does comparative advantage apply to countries?

The Most Important Takeaways When a nation can create things at a lower opportunity cost than other countries, it has a comparative advantage. A country’s comparative advantage in all products is impossible to achieve. However, in all products, a nation may have an absolute edge.

What is the connection between comparative advantage and international trade?

Comparative advantage is an economic theory proposed by David Ricardo in the 19th century that attributes the causes and benefits of international commerce to variations in relative opportunity costs (costs in terms of other products foregone) of manufacturing the same commodities across nations.

How can the law of comparative advantage be applied to country A and country B?

Should concentrate in seafood based on opportunity costs. What is the best way to apply the law of comparative advantage to Country A and Country B? (D)Country A should manufacture petroleum, whereas Country B should manufacture seafood. Without specialization, both nations’ total production after two days would be 48.

How can we apply comparative advantage to our everyday lives?

The system will be driven by prices. Due to the climate and a vast quantity of area ideal for dairy cows, Ireland, for example, has a comparative edge in cheese and butter. Because of its abundant workforce, China enjoys a competitive edge in the electronics industry.

What does the theory of comparative advantage help to explain quizlet?

Comparative advantage theory. According to the theory of comparative advantage, nations may gain from specialization in the production of products Services in which they have a comparative advantage and exchange them for goods and services in which they do not have a comparative advantage under specific circumstances.

Is comparative advantage still relevant today?

Over the past 20 years, globalization, connectivity, trade liberalization, and technological innovation have all had a profound and long-lasting impact on international trade patterns and supply chain dynamics.

How comparative advantage leads to gains from trade in the global marketplace?

The concept of comparative advantage is used to explain how trade benefits people. A nation may create more and sell the extra product by specializing in a good that it gives up the least to generate.

How is the theory of comparative advantage used to improve productivity quizlet?

The comparative advantage concept is what allows producers to benefit from specialization and commerce. Producing low-cost products or services and then selling them to individuals and countries results in increased efficiency and productivity. How can commerce increase our wealth?

How comparative advantage explains the gains from trade?

Trade benefits are based on comparative advantage rather than absolute advantage. A nation or individual may have an absolute advantage in both products and activities and yet benefit from trade by focusing on the good or activity where it has a comparative advantage.

What are the four main sources of comparative advantage?

The resources of a nation, such as land, labor, capital, and entrepreneurship, influence comparative advantage.

What is a comparative advantage simple definition?

If a person can manufacture something at a cheaper cost than everyone else, he has a comparative advantage. Being the greatest at something is not the same as having a comparative advantage.

Why is comparative advantage more important than absolute advantage?

Comparative advantage aids nations in making more efficient resource allocation and production decisions, which is more advantageous to economies than absolute advantage.

When a country has a comparative advantage in the production of a good it means that it can produce?

When a nation has a comparative advantage in the manufacture of a thing, it indicates it can produce it for less money than its trade partner. The nation will then become specialized in producing this commodity and trading it for other products.

What role does competition play in international trade?

In international commerce, what role does competition play? Consumer prices are lowered as a result of this.

Why is international trade important to most countries?

International commerce enables nations to extend their markets and get access to commodities and services that might otherwise be unavailable in their own country. The market has become more competitive as a consequence of international commerce. As a consequence, pricing becomes more competitive, and the customer receives a lower-cost product.

How does comparative cost theory advocated the need for international trade?

According to the comparative cost theory, various nations would specialize in the manufacture of commodities based on comparative costs, and they will benefit from trade if they export items in which they have a comparative advantage and purchase goods from other countries in which they do not.

What is a real life example of comparative advantage?

For example, if a nation excels in both cheese and chocolate production, it can establish how much work is spent on each. If one hour of work produces 10 units of cheese and one hour produces 20 units of chocolate, this nation has a competitive advantage in the production of chocolate.

Which statement is the best description of comparative advantage?

A comparative advantage is best described by which of the following statements? It is a country’s advantage in a particular sector if it can produce goods at a lower opportunity cost than other nations.

What are the advantages of comparative advantage?

The capacity to create an item or service for a reduced opportunity cost is a benefit of comparative advantage. Companies with a comparative advantage may offer products and services at cheaper prices than their rivals, resulting in higher sales margins and profitability.

Why should countries specialize in producing goods with which they have a comparative advantage rather than an absolute advantage?

If the potential cost of importing commodities is lower than the cost of manufacturing them domestically, countries should import them. Specialization based on comparative advantage leads to more effective use of global resources. The trading countries have access to a greater number of outputs.

What kind of advantage does a country have if it can make a product more efficiently?

What type of competitive advantage does it provide a nation to be able to produce a product more efficiently? a distinct advantage

How can businesses use globalization to their advantage?

Companies may develop more cost-effective methods to create their goods as a result of globalization. It also boosts global competition, which lowers costs and provides customers with a wider range of options. People in both emerging and developed nations benefit from lower prices since they can live better on less money.

What is the law of comparative advantage in economics quizlet?

According to the law of comparative advantage, a country benefits when it produces items and services for which it has a comparative advantage. The “opportunity cost” identifies whether items provide a country a competitive edge over another in manufacturing a certain product.


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David Ricardo’s theory of comparative advantage is an economic theory that states that a country will be better off when it specializes in producing goods and services for which it has a relative advantage over other countries. This means that if the country can produce something more efficiently than another, then it should produce more of those products, as long as they are traded with other countries that have the same relative advantages. The result is a win-win situation for both countries. Reference: david ricardo theory of comparative advantage.

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