Facebook Business Page How to Follow Other Pages?

Go to the page of company you wish to like. It doesn’t matter whether you do this as a company or from your Facebook account linked to your business page. When you’re on a business’s page, look immediately below their cover picture for the ‘Like, Follow, Share, and 3dots’ buttons.

Similarly, How do I follow other pages from Business page?

Go to the page of the company you wish to like. It doesn’t matter whether you do this as a company or from your personal Facebook account linked to your business page. When you’re on a business’s page, look immediately below their cover picture for the ‘Like, Follow, Share, and 3dots’ buttons.

Also, it is asked, How do I follow other pages as a page?

Let’s get this party started. Step 1: Go to the page you’d want to have as your own. This is a self-explanatory one. Step 2: Below the cover photo, click the “.” button. Step 3: Select “Like As Your Page” from the drop-down menu. Step 4: Choose a page and submit it. Step 5: Make a profit.

Secondly, How do I follow a Business page?

Navigate to the Page. Below the Page’s cover picture, tap Like. When you like a Page, you are immediately subscribed to it, which means you will get updates from it in your News Feed.

Also, Can a page follow another page on Facebook?

Is it possible for a Facebook business page to follow another company page? Yes, you certainly can!

People also ask, Is liking a page the same as following?

When someone likes a Page, they’re indicating that they support it and want to see stuff from it. In the About part of that person’s profile, the Page will appear as liked. When someone follows a Page, their News Feed may include updates about the Page.

Related Questions and Answers

How do I like a post from my business page?

Go to the post on the Page that you’d want to like or comment on. In the bottom-right corner of the post, tap your profile image. Choose the Page you’d like to like or comment on. Like or leave a comment on the article.

Why is there no follow button on Facebook?

You may be thinking, “Wait a minute,” since you didn’t notice a Follow button on someone’s Timeline page. There was no Follow button, just the standard Add Friend button. Because the follow feature is not activated by default for most users, this might be the situation.

To combine the pages, go to facebook.com/pages/merge (or business.facebook.com/pages/merge if both are part of Business Manager). After you’ve selected the two pages you wish to integrate, click Continue. Click “Request Merge” to confirm. Those who liked the combined (deleted) page will be informed of the change once it has been completed.

What is a follow button?

People may follow your account straight from your own homepage or Website where the button is present using the follow button. This is what happens when people hit this button: When you click the button while signed in, a little pop-up screen appears with further information about your account.

What is Facebook follow button?

The Follow option allows users to subscribe to other people’s public Facebook updates.

How do I turn on follow option on Facebook?

In the upper right corner of Facebook, tap. Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose Settings. Tap Followers and Public Content at the bottom of the page. Under Who Can Follow Me, choose Friends or Public.

What is the difference between followers and following on Facebook?

Finally, followers are those who have chosen to receive updates from a person or a page, as previously stated. The key difference is that “following” is a different activity from the other two connections. You may opt to “like” a page but not follow its updates, or you can “like” a page but not follow its updates.

Which is better like or follow?

Anyone who has liked your page may unfollow you, but they will continue to “like” it. To put it another way, your page will still get likes, but the account will not see the stuff that your company publishes in their feed. “Likes are wonderful, but followers are better,” one insider says.

Can you follow but not like a Facebook page?

Unfollowing a Page is an option for someone who enjoys it. The user will still be represented as like the Page, but they will not be able to access all of the postings. It’s also possible to select to follow a Page even if you don’t like it. As a result, it is possible to follow a page yet dislike it.

How do I manage multiple Facebook pages?

Choose the Pages you wish to see on Facebook in Creator Studio. If you administer many Facebook Pages, you may pick which of them you want to view information for by clicking the cluster of Pages at the top of your screen.

How do I merge Facebook pages with Business Manager?

To combine Facebook Pages, follow these steps: For pages in Business Managers, go to com/pages/merge or business.facebook.com/pages/merge. Choose the two Pages you want to combine. Choose the page you want to retain. After that, Facebook will confirm which Pages will be kept and which will be deleted, and the merging request will be completed.

What does merging Facebook pages do?

If your Pages can be combined, the Page you choose to maintain will stay the same save for the addition of people who like it and check-ins from the other Page. The Page you don’t wish to maintain will be taken down from Facebook, including with all of its posts, images, reviews, ratings, and username.

How can I get 10000 followers on Facebook fast and free?

How to grow your Facebook follower base from 0 to 10,000 Success or failure will also be determined by the quality of the material produced on your Facebook company page. #1 – Share material that is relevant to your audience. #2 – Maintain a professional demeanor. #3 – Avoid being too promotional. Updates of high quality. Organize a competition. Upgrades to the content

What is different between follower and following?

Your “following” list is made up of all the people you follow on Twitter, while your “followerslist is made up of those who follow you.

Why does my Facebook page have followers instead of likes?

“We’re doing rid of Likes and concentrating on Followers to make it easier for people to connect with their favorite Pages,” Facebook noted in a blog post. “Unlike Likes, Page Followers represent those who may get updates from Pages, giving prominent figures a more accurate picture of their fan base.”

How do I follow a page without liking?

However, unlike Facebook Timelines, which occasionally enable you to follow people you haven’t met, you can’t follow Facebook pages you haven’t liked before. As a result, you must click the Like button on a Facebook page to activate the “Follow” option, which is otherwise darkened.

Can one business have multiple Facebook pages?

You may have many company or other pages despite the fact that you can only have one Facebook account and personal page.

Should you have multiple Facebook pages for your business?

If you want to create many pages for your company, Facebook Locations is the way to go. Rather than attempting to set up and maintain each page individually, it enables you to manage all of your pages and alerts from one single area.

How many pages can you manage Facebook Business Manager?

You may access up to 50 Pages in Pages Manager if you manage several Pages.


A Facebook Business Page can follow other pages. This is a useful feature when you want to see what your competitors are doing, or if you want to see how well your business page is performing.

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