Fiber-optic Cable Most Likely Would Be Used in a Business Network When?


Similarly, Why are client/server networks usually installed in businesses?

Installing client/server networks is less expensive. Unlike P2P networks, they do not need dedicated servers. They’re more scalable than peer-to-peer (P2P) networks. Client/server networks have a lower level of security.

Also, it is asked, Which of the following cables is the most popular transmission media for Ethernet networks?

UTP cable is the most common transmission channel for wired Ethernet networks.

Secondly, Which type of server is used to host websites on a client server network?

On a client/server network, a file server is used to host websites.

Also, Why are client/server networks usually not installed in the home?

This collection of terms includes (25) Why do people establish client/server networks in their homes? Most home networks are too complicated for client/server networks.

People also ask, Where do we usually use client/server network?

Client–server networking is often utilized in online services, game hosting, and corporate private networks. There is no central server in peer-to-peer networking. Instead, the network’s machines all have the same capabilities and access permissions.

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network will be used to connect computers located in one room building or premises?

The acronym WAN stands for Wide Area Network. Metropolitan Area Network is the abbreviation for Metropolitan Area Network. The acronym SARN stands for Storage Area Network. It’s a computer network that generally only covers a limited area, such as a single room or a building or a collection of buildings.

Which type of Cable is commonly used in backbone networks and telephone companies?

Fiber-optic cables are used widely by telephone companies and in backbone networks because they can transmit extremely large volumes of data.

Which type of Cable is commonly used to connect office computers to the local network?

To connect office PCs to the local network, what sort of network cable is most usually used? Answers Explanation & Suggestions: Twisted-pair copper cable is a form of cable that is used to link devices on a local network.

Which of the following cables will you prefer for transmitting high quality and high bandwidth?

High-speed data transmission is possible using optical fiber cable. Because signals pass via fiber with minimal loss, it is utilized instead of metal. They allow for long-distance transmission and larger bandwidth (data rates) than electric cables.

What is an example of a client-server network?

DNS (Domain Name Systems), web browsers and web servers, and FTP (file transfer protocol) clients are all instances of client-server networks. Client-server networking is something that most people are familiar with since they use computers, cellphones, and tablets that are linked to the Internet on a regular basis.

Which type of websites allow us to interact and perform other service activities?

Ecommerce websites are the first. Users may browse for and buy items or services on ecommerce websites. Ecommerce sites include Amazon, Bookshop, and other shops who offer things via an online store.

What type of operating system would normally be found on a small device such as a watch?

Smaller and bigger wearables are dominated by Linux-based operating systems. The Linux kernel (3.18) now supports ARM Cortex M, Cortex A, MIPS, and a variety of other architectures.

Where would you most likely see fiber optic Ethernet technologies?

Fiber-optic Ethernet technologies are more likely to be found in a WAN for company Because fiber-optic cable is not vulnerable to electrical interference and can transmit data over long distances at high data speeds, it would be preferred in Business context over UTP wire.

What server is a repository for shared computer programs accessed by client computers?

The application software is stored on a database server.

What is a benefit of using a client-server network?

The benefits of a client-server network include increased network security, more control over network traffic going across the network, the ability to observe what each machine is doing and restrict specific operations, as well as the amount of data storage accessible to each.

What is client/server network in computer network?

A client-server network is a communication mechanism in which several client programs share a single server program’s services.

What is the role of a client in a client-server network?

The client-server paradigm describes the interaction between two computers in which one, the client, requests a service from the other, the server. A client-server model’s main feature is that the client is reliant on the server to deliver and handle information. Websites, for example, are kept on web servers.

Which of the following network is suitable for a building?

Answer: A LAN will be used to connect two buildings that are next to one other. The network is routed via a local office to the dwellings since it covers a small region. The majority of houses have taken advantage of the low-cost LAN networking infrastructure.

Which type of network is used to connect company located in one area of a city to another location in a city for a way?

Explanation: A wide-area network (WAN) is a network that connects a firm in one part of a city to a company in another part of the city.

What optical fiber cable is widely used for backbone?

Fiber optic cable is the most suitable solution for backbone cabling now that Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet have emerged, since they give far more capacity than standard Cat5, Cat6, or even Cat7 twisted pair copper lines.

What are two advantages of using fiber optic cable to interconnect devices?

Fiber Optic Cables Have 7 Advantages Over Copper Cables Increased Bandwidth Copper cables were built primarily for voice transmission and have a limited bandwidth. Increased Speeds. Distances are longer. Improved Reliability. Thinner and more durable. For the future, more flexibility is required. The Total Cost of Ownership is lower.

What kind of network cable is most commonly used?

The most common form of network cable is UTP cable. It’s simple to use, set up, extend, and debug. UTP cables normally include four pairs of copper wires, each of which is made up of two twisted wires. Plastic insulation is used to protect these pairs.

Which cable is used mostly in office to connect multiple computers?

Ethernet is one of the most extensively used LAN technologies. That employs Cat – 5 coaxial cable with RJ – 45 connectors and has a data transmission speed of 10 Mbps.

What cable is used to connect two computers?

Crossover cable for Ethernet

Which of the following cables will you prefer for transmitting high quality and high bandwidth streams of audio and video?

HDMI has better high-resolution audio and video over all other accessible standards. Because HDMI is a digital transmission, a direct HDMI-to-HDMI connection avoids performance-degrading digital-to-analog conversions (or vice versa) for the greatest sound and video quality.

Which type of cable is used over high speed data network?

Fiber optic cable, also known as optical fiber cable, is a form of Ethernet cable that contains one or more data-transmitting optic fibers. Fiber optic cable delivers data by sending light pulses via microscopic glass tubes.

What is high bandwidth?

With more bandwidth, you’ll be able to attain a faster data transmission rate, which will result in faster download times. When downloading huge files, this is very important.

Which of the following is an example of a client in the client-server architecture?

The client-server paradigm outlines how a server gives one or more clients access to resources and services. Web servers, mail servers, and file servers are examples of servers. Client devices, such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, access resources from each of these servers.

What are the types of websites that can access by the internet explain your answer with examples?

The Top 10 Website Types Websites for businesses. Blogs. Websites that sell products online. Portfolios. Websites for events. Online discussion boards. Websites created by individuals. Websites for Members.


A fiber-optic cable is most likely to be used in a business network when?. A fiber-optic cable can’t transmit signals as far as copper, but it’s more durable and doesn’t require power to carry data.

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A fiber-optic cable is a type of communications cable that uses glass or plastic fibers to transmit light pulses and carry information. Fiber-optic cables are used in telecommunications networks, such as the Internet backbone, where bandwidth is limited. The “which is not a key component of a typical client/server network?” shows that you will never find a fiber-optic cable on a server.

  • on client/server networks, bridges
  • network adapters perform specific tasks to enable nodes to communicate on a network.
  • sometimes groups of data packets are sent together in a package called a
  • a network consisting of nodes covering a small geographic area is a
  • which of the following is not an advantage of installing a network in a business?
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