For Business Networks Which of the Following Is Not a Main Cable Type?

Similarly, Which of the following is not network topology?

Cluster network topology is a rare occurrence.

Also, it is asked, What type Cable is used in most networks quizlet?

Twisted pairs of cables are the most frequent form of cabling used in today’s networks. Category 3 (CAT 3) unshielded twisted pair (UTP)Cable is used in the majority of new cabling installations.

Secondly, What cable is not subject to electromagnetic interference?

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) do not cause signal loss in fiber cable (RFI). Electric power cables and fluorescent light fixtures that are too near to signal wires are two prominent sources of EMI.

Also, What is the standard communications protocol used on most client/server networks?

On most client/server networks, _______ is the standard communications protocol. Ethernet.

People also ask, Which is not a type of UTP cable?

Ethernet cables come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including Cat-1, Cat-2, Cat-3, Cat-5E, Cat-5, Cat-6, Cat-6A, and so on. The Cat-7B cable is not an Ethernet cable.

Related Questions and Answers

What are the common network topologies?

Star, bus, ring, tree, mesh, and hybrid are some of the most frequent forms.

Which types of cables are used in network?

There are four different types of network cabling. Coaxial cable is a kind of cable that has two ends. Coaxial cables feature a single copper conductor in the middle, with a plastic layer between it and the braided metal cover providing insulation. Fiber Optic Cable is a kind of optical cable. STP (Shielded Twisted Pair) Cable UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) Cable

What type of cable to most networks use?

UTP (Universal Terminal Protocol) cable

How many types of cables are used in computer networking?

three distinct kinds

Which of the following is not a standard for wireless Ethernet networks?

The answer is c. 802.11ab.

Which of the following cables dont need EMI shielding?

What sort of network cabling is the most secure? Fiber-optic is the most secure because, unlike the other three copper-based lines, it cannot be tapped and does not produce EMI.

Does UTP cable have foil shielding?

FOILED WITH UNSHIELDED TWISTED PAIRS (F/UTP). This kind of cable, sometimes known as FTP, has an overall foil shield wrapped around unshielded twisted pairs and a drain wire. When the drain wire is properly connected, unwanted noise is diverted to ground, providing further EMI/RFI protection.

Why are client/server networks usually installed in businesses?

Installing client/server networks is less expensive. Unlike P2P networks, they do not need dedicated servers. They’re more scalable than peer-to-peer (P2P) networks. Client/server networks have a lower level of security.

What is the standard communications protocol used?

The term “standardised communications protocol” refers to a protocol that has been codified as a standard. WiFi, the Internet Protocol, and the Hypertext Transfer Protocol are examples of standardised communications protocols (HTTP).

Which of the following is a private network used by organizations to communicate internally?

Intranets are private networks that corporations use to transmit information only to their employees, and they’ve been utilized for internal communications for decades.

Which of the following is not a type of cable?

c. Explanation: Unshielded twisted pair (UTP), coaxial, and fiber optic cables are all types of cable used in wired networks like cable television and telephone networks. Because unshielded coaxial is not a cable type.

What is a UTP network cable?

Unshielded twisted pair (UTP) copper cabling is widely used in telephone infrastructure and local area networks (LANs). There are five distinct varieties of UTP cables, each of which supports a different amount of bandwidth and is recognized by the prefix CAT (as in category).

What are the 3 main topologies?

The bus, star, and ring are three of the most common topologies.

What are the 8 network topologies?

Point-to-point, bus, star, ring or circular, mesh, tree, hybrid, or daisy chain are the eight primary topologies studied in network topology.

Does Cable Internet use coaxial cable?

Cable internet utilizes the same coaxial cable network as cable television to provide internet to your house. First, your internet service provider delivers a data signal into your home—specifically, to your modem—via coaxial cable, or coax wire.

Which of the following is not a broadband connection?

the answer (By Examveda Team) Dial-up Internet access is not the same as broadband Internet access. Broadband is a phrase used to describe high-speed Internet connectivity that is always available and quicker than conventional dial-up access.

What is the 802.11 g standard?

The 802.11g standard is an amendment to the 802.11 specification for Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs). The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) created 802.11g as a WLAN upgrade over its predecessor, 802.11b.

What is non shielded cable?

To decrease interference, unshielded cable (UTP) does not use shielding. The way the pairs are twisted within UTP cables is meant to decrease electromagnetic interference. Office LANS and similar network cabling systems are best served by UTP cable.

What is STP and UTP in networking?

Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) is an acronym for “Unshielded Twisted Pair.” Shielded Twisted Pair is an acronym for Shielded Twisted Pair.

Is UTP or STP better?

Benefits of STP Cables It reduces the amount of interference caused by machines like power tools and vacuum cleaners. Although UTP cables may still minimize interference, they don’t function as well as STP cables. Second, with appropriate installation and maintenance, STP cables may decrease crosstalk.

What is a client-server network?

A client-server network is a communication mechanism in which several client programs share a single server program’s services.

Which type of server is used to host websites on a client-server network?

On a client/server network, a file server is used to host websites.

What is client/server network with example?

A LAN (local area network) or the Internet may be used to implement the client-server network concept. DNS (Domain Name Systems), web browsers and web servers, and FTP (file transfer protocol) clients are all instances of client-server networks.

What are the 3 communication protocols?

Network protocols are divided into three categories: network management protocols, network communication protocols, and network security protocols.


The “is the amount of data that can be transmitted across a transmission medium” is not one of the main cable types. It is used to transmit voice and video signals.

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